Selling Your Home


  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Exceptional marketing
  • Maximum exposure
  • Results!

When selling your home, using a local, trusted and experienced team of agents makes all the difference to you, your net profits and especially to your personal well-being during what can become a very stressful period of your life. Our agents knows the pitfalls and are skilled navigators of real estate sales. We listen to your needs and create a controlled process to help prepare your home for sale, maximize exposure and proceeds with minimum inconvenience to you.

The Dumas Difference:

Highest value + Quickest sale = Maximum Net Proceeds

The highest value:

Emotions sell real estate. Buyers who LOVE your home so much, they fear losing it, are the buyers who will do whatever it takes to get the deal done including pay the highest purchase price they can.

This is what we do to make buyers love your home:

  1. Staging/listing preparation: Regardless of budget, there are ALWAYS things that can be done to make your home look it’s best prior to listing. We will make you a list of suggestions and service providers that can help get the job done quickly and effectively so your home sparkles before presented to potential buyers.
  2. Professional photography/videography: We use the best in the business to make sure your home looks magnificent in print, flyers, ad and social media. Don’t take our word for it. Browse our listings and company for yourself.
  3. Qualified showings: Private, agent accompanied showings to pre-approved buyers along with carefully planned open houses that welcome buyers and make them able to dream and feel at home is how we turn the key to a buyers heart.

The quickest sale:

Every day your home sits on the market is a day that you pay the mortgage, interest, property taxes, insurance etc. The longer your home sits on the market, the more it eats into your profits. A quick sale maximizes your net proceeds.

This is how we get you the quickest sale possible:

  1. Strategic listing price recommendations. Listing too high limits the interest and exposure to your home. It makes other properties in your neighborhood seem like steal so in fact, it helps sell your neighbor’s home instead of yours. In addition, listing too high kills the most effective sales tool of all: Urgency. Even if a potential buyer LOVES your home, they are likely to wait to make an offer because they don’t think another buyer will jump at a too high listing price. Statistically, if a buyer doesn’t make an offer within 48 hours of viewing a home, chances are they won’t.
  1. Maximum exposure: Forget about a simple MLS posting. Our team creates a customized website for your home exclusively with printable brochures, school and area info, video tour and slideshow. Your listing is syndicated across all major home websites, posted on social media, presented at marketing meetings at your local real estate board. Street sign and open house events advertised in e-newsletters on social media and in your local paper helps draw maximum exposure to your home literally overnight. The more eyes on your listing, the more likely you are to get multiple offers with buyers competing to purchase your home.
  1. Navigating the obstacles. A home is never sold until a new deed has been recorded and the keys are handed over to the new homeowners. It is rare that a transaction close without a few hiccups underway – and often more than a few. Our agents are experienced and knowledgeable, with the skill set to effectively navigate the potential pitfalls and obstacles of a real estate transaction, making sure your deal closes in a timely manner.

Do’s & Don’ts for Sellers: